Which Style Today?

Q. What is Buff headwear?

Items of Buff multifunctional headwear are performance products as well as being versatile garments.  They can be worn in a number of different configurations to provide a high level of comfort, protection and style during outdoor and recreational activities.


Q. Where did you guys get the name Buff?

Buff® is derived from the word 'bufanda', which means 'scarf' in Spanish.


Q. What does the Buff logo represent?

The old Buff logo represents what the product stands for: simplicity and versatility - the circle represents the tubular form of all Buff headwear, while the arrows symbolize the concept of functionality: putting the same garment into action in different ways, time and time again. The new version of the logo has a simpler typeface and the arrows have been removed for a punchier, more immediate communication.


Q. Why use one?

A Buff helps keep its wearer comfortable, guarding against the cold, sun, wind or dust in a wide range of rapidly changing outdoor settings. As a high-quality piece of performance gear a Buff makes an excellent addition to any outdoor equipment arsenal. With many designs and colors to choose from, a Buff is also a great way to make a style statement.


Q. How many ways are there to wear a Buff®?

There are at least 12 different ways to wear an Original Buff, in any size, on your head. Some of the most popular uses include a hat, headband, neck gaiter, balaclava, sun, wind or dust screen, bandana, helmet liner, scarf, pirate-style cap and hair band.


Q. How do I create a pirate-style bandanna?

Check out our online demo of how to wear a Buff!


Q. Who needs Buff headwear?

Everyone! Everyday athletes who participate in a tremendous variety of outdoor and indoor sports, cancer patients, individuals suffering from the hair loss disease Alopecia, Mount Everest climbers (check out the IMAX Everest movie), divers in deep seas,  ski legends like Jim Lee, World cycling champion Laurent Brochard,  top Brazilian soccer star Renaldo, Ewan MacGregor and Charley Boorman on their mototorcycle adventure, Long Way Down, International triathlete and author Sally Edwards, and the list goes on and on.

Buff headwear has been used at the Olympic Games, in the Eco-Challenge Adventure Race and has toured the world with the Grundig World Mountain Bike Series. In addition, contestants on the popular television show Survivor use Original Buff headwear while they battle it out in hostile environments.


Q. What size is an Original Buff?

An Adult Original Buff measures 20 by 9 inches (or 50cm x 24.5 cm) when laid out flat. It weighs less than 2oz/50g. When folded an Original Buff will easily fit into your pocket ready for just when you need it! One size fits most adults. For ladies, there is the slightly narrow Women's Slim Fit which features more feminine, sophisticated designs.  Junior/Child Buff headwear is designed are for kids 7 to 12 years old, with more age-appropriate designs and weighs 31g/1.1 oz and measures 48cm x 22.5cm /18.8” x 8.8”. Baby Buff headwear is smaller again and features designs more appealing to little people 27g/1 oz and measures 45cm x 20.5cm /17.7” x 8.1”.

Across the Buff Headwear collection there are Adult, Women Slim Fit, Junior, Child and Baby products. Each product is sized to meet the needs of its specific audience with age appropriate designs. Junior, Child and Baby products are supplied on header cards that target wearers under 12. Please note, on occasion, Adult headwear may feature design content that is not suitable for the under 12s.


Q. What fabrics are they made from?

A regular Buff (e.g. the Original Buff, Junior Buff, Baby Buff, National Geographic, Kukuxumusu Buff) are made from a 100 percent polyester microfibre, which is wind-resistant, breathable and wicks moisture. When washed, the Buff is colourfast, dries in minutes, and retains its elasticity.

High UV Protection Buff, Visor Buff and Visor Buff Evo 2 are all made using Coolmax Extreme.  This four channel fibre forms a transport system that pulls moisture quickly away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric so it can then dry.  Coolmax can achieve this process faster than any other fabric and thus effectively thermo-regulates the body temperature.  Visor Buff and Visor Buff Evo 2 also incorporate a three inch long flexible peak that is sewn to the seam-free Coolmax Extreme tube.

Polar and Junior Polar Buff combine the seam-free polyester microfibre of Original Buff with a tube of Polartec 100 Classic fleece, which is stitched to add a further an six inches (15cm) in length to the tubular garment.

Combi Buff features a drawstring fastener and attractive microfibre trim around a Polartec 100 Classic fleece.

Polar Buff Thermal Pro and Combi Buff Thermal Pro both use High Lift Polartec Thermal Pro fabric which has a curly and low-pile velour texture and offers twice the warmth of Polartec 100 Classic fleece and up to 30 times more durability than bargain fleeces.  This fabric dries quickly to minimise heat loss.
Cyclone Buff incorporates a double layer of the polyester microfibre used in Original Buff with Windstopper fabric from Gore and an elastic section for improved fit.
Typhoon Buff combines a Polartec fleece with Gore Windstopper fabric. An elastic section provides excellent comfort and fit and the drawstring enables transformation from neckwear to headwear.


Q. How do you create a seamless fabric?

Buff headwear is created through a unique proprietary knitting process designed to yield a stretchy fabric tube without irritating seams. This process also allows the fabric to retain its shape without fraying, and gives a tremendous amount of strength to the finished garment.


Q. How are the graphic images added to a Buff?

The graphics are usually applied to Buff headwear using a print sublimation process. This means the colours will not flake or fade over time, while the printing process itself does not change the unique properties of the polyester microfibre, including the soft feel.  For smaller customised print runs, we are now able to use a digital printing process which produces excellent results.


Q. Can I machine-wash a Buff?

Yes, we advise at no higher than 30 degrees. However, a quick rinse with mild soap is more environmentally friendly and is all that is required. Buff headwear will dry in minutes when hung up to air dry.


Q. What is Polygiene?

When an item of Buff® headwear is worn next to the skin it will effectively wick moisture (sweat) away from the skin thus creating the perfect environment for bacterial growth within the fabric. Whilst the sweat itself doesn’t smell, some of the bacteria that thrive in this environment can create odours.  To prevent odour build up, there is a need to inhibit the growth of these odour causing bacteria.

Polygiene® is a silver ion treatment that when applied to fabric, has a long-lasting, yet natural anti-bacterial effect. The silver ions in Polygiene® actively inhibit the growth of bacteria within the fabric, thus eliminating the main causes of odour and making it more hygienic.

Polygiene® is currently only used on adult product made with microfibre.


Q. Is Polygiene® safe next to my skin?

In contrast to other treatments, Polygiene has a heritage in the healthcare sector and the technology is approved for use on open wounds. It is therefore safe for use next to the skin, even for people with eczema and blisters.


Q. Will Polygiene effect the natural flora of my skin?

Polygiene is only active on the surface of the fabric and does not interfere with the natural bacterial flora of the skin.


Q. How much silver is in Polygiene?

Polygiene is based on natural silver salt made from recycled silver. Silver salt is present naturally in both water (drinking and sea water) and in soil. Polygiene particles have a large number of silver ions on their surface and due to the structure of the particles, very small amounts of silver are required.  Treating 1000 kilos of fabric (about 27,780 Original Buff) requires the same amount of silver as one or two silver rings.


Q. Does Polygiene contain nonoparticles?

Polygiene particles are 100 times larger than nanoparticles (nonosilver particles) and therefore are too large to pass through the skin.


Q. Where are they made?

Most Buff multifunctional headwear is manufactured in a purpose built factory in Igualada, just outside Barcelona in Spain. Every year millions are sold all over the globe.



Q. Which of the Buff family of multifunctional headwear products should I buy?

We suggest looking at our product comparison chart to see which product will best suit your needs.


Q. Is there anything you cannot do with a Buff?

Good question! Buff headwear can be worn as a bandana, sun-guard, thermal scarf, beanie, balaclava, headband, scrunchie, wristband, helmet-liner, muffler or dust screen. When not worn as headwear, Original Buff can be worn on your wrist or ankle, and they have even been used as arm and leg warmers. If you find any other new or unusual use for Buff headwear, please get in touch and let us know!  We have evenseen magic tricks performed with an Original Buff instead of the traditional top hat!


Q. Why is the print coming off my SueMe T-Shirt?

Our tee's are all screen printed locally using a water based discharge ink. This basically means when screen printed the ink sits on top of the fabric then when passed through the dryer it dries the ink and bleaches out the original colour of the tee, replacing it with the one we are after.

Now, if the screen has quite a bit of ink on it, there can be a little build up on the tee, which when washed the first few times should come off to leave the actual fabric colour dyed below. This as opposed to a traditional screen print where the ink actually really does just sit on the top of the surface and eventually gets washed away leaving no print at all.....

With discharge you end up with a print that wears with the tee to give it that great worn in look. So theoretically if you wash the tee a few times the excess ink will wash away....


Q. How do I earn loyalty discount?

To earn loyalty discount, you will need to create an account with us via our login page. Once you have purchased £50 [€60/$75] of products from us, you'll receive a 5% discount on all subsequent orders for the next 365 days. Please ensure that when you go to place your second order, that you are logged into the same customer account as your first order before proceeding to the checkout page. Once you have arrived onto the checkout page, loyalty discount will be displayed on the right hand side.

Q. Why haven’t I received any loyalty discount?

To receive loyalty discount, you will need to be logged into your account before proceeding to the checkout and placing your order.